Kathy Freeland, Co-Founder and COO/CIO

I am an IT executive and visionary change agent who has a deep passion for helping people grow and improve along their journey of success. I graduated college with honors, holding a computer science/engineering degree. I went on to do the predictable by getting hired by the top IT company (IBM). I rose rapidly in the ranks. Throughout the course of my career, I have held various executive and business positions across industries as well as founding and running my own IT consulting company.

Throughout my career, I was drawn to talent development, teamwork and innovation practices. Because of this unique skillset, I am often sought after as a mentor and an industry speaker. I currently hold an executive position in a fortune 100 company, focusing on IT risk reduction and simplification. I also founded and run my own successful real estate investment company. In my free time, I enjoy giving back through various volunteer efforts and spending time with my family, preferably on the beach, a ski slope or anywhere where nature shows its beauty.

Being an IT executive of a fortune 100 company and a small business owner, I met the goals I set out to accomplish, but still something was missing. I felt I was supposed to do give back and help people in a much bigger way.

I began a journey of deep learning and self growth. By applying success mastery skills, I was able to find my larger purpose, thus developing the seedling of StepUp Movement. In my ongoing pursuit of success mastery with other like-minded individuals, the seed grew until the Co-founders and I made the decision to plant and water the seed by incorporating StepUp Movement, Inc. The journey has been nothing less that miraculous ever since.