John Creech, Financial Advisor

I am a finance and accounting professional with a background in both the Not-For-Profit and Financial Services industries. In 2012, I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in accounting. From there, I went on to work for a public accounting firm where I became a CPA and spent much of my time auditing Not-For-Profit organizations in and around the Boston area. I have always felt drawn to contributing to this industry because it is made up of individuals and organizations whose missions are directed at helping people, the community, environment, or the world in some way. All things we increasingly need more of everyday.

When I was first told about the Step Up Movement and its mission, it was something that immediately hit home for me. Growing up and all throughout high school, the only advice I remember hearing was that to be successful one must go to college and get a degree. While ultimately I think this was the right choice for me, I know now that it was certainly not my only choice. The Step Up Movement aims to educate, develop, and mentor young adults on all of their career and life decisions; helping them individually shape the way for their own successful future. I believe that breaking down these barriers to success and challenging the societal norms of today are two invaluable tools that can truly help young people find their passion and purpose in this life.