Donna Smith, Co-Founder and CEO

I am a Mental Health Counselor and outside of the box thinker, who strives to grow and change into the best version of myself possible, while having a passion for helping those around me grow and create the journey of their dreams.

I graduated college with a generic English degree, that my guidance counselor recommended. Facing the “real world” upon graduation, I was hit with the reality that I needed a different degree if I was going to go the expected route or find a different path. Without anyone to guide me with this decision, I traveled several years with the military, loving what I was doing, but ultimately not thinking of the future.

I finally realized that the way I live my life of listening, helping and caring for others was the passion I needed to put into my career. I went back to school for my Masters’ degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and graduated with Honors.

Over my career, I have worked with many people in all walks of life, working in private and the Not for Profit sectors, I have also started a successful private practice.
In my free time, I enjoy giving back through various volunteer efforts and spending time with my family, preferably on the beach, or exploring new places and learning new skills and hobbies.

Becoming a Counselor and small business owner, as well as going through a period of severe pain and personal growth, I realized that I needed to give back on a larger scale. While engaging in this journey, dreams and passions of my heart became more clear and the seeds of step Up Movement began when my own children were entrepreneurial in mind and heart, yet there was not much help to support them in their endeavors. As the dreams began to get watered and grow with lifelong friends joining in this passion filled purpose of giving back, life has gotten incredibly fun, blessed and positive.