It’s about the WHY.

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In every walk of life, every endeavor, business or personal, your perception of success, joy and happiness comes down to one thing; Am I realizing my dream or as some call it MY WHY? Were you doing something that inspired you? Did your reasoning, or WHY instill action in yourself and others? Simon Sinek wrote a book entitled, “WHY; How great leaders Inspire EVERYONE TO TAKE ACTION”.  Simon explains that every endeavor, business or project should use the Rule of … Read More

Don’t Even Go there

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Darren Hardy, a Success Life Coach and Mentor, talks about warnings and examples in life. What do we pay attention too? All around us we have examples and warnings of what not to do or become and what to do and work towards becoming. Usually these lessons are learned throughout our lives by the people around us. Sometimes the same person at different times in their life can be both a warning and an example. What helps us in our … Read More


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Darren Hardy explains how to “Bounce Back” from a setback or disappointment in this short video. THE FALL: A setback or a disappointment THE IMPACT: When you hit bottom after a setback, the ball is usually “bent” out of shape for a time. Expect to feel discomfort RESTORATION: This is where you “regain your shape” after a setback. The quicker this is done, the more successful you will be. ELEVATION: – There is where you are launched upward, often higher then … Read More


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  If I were to be asked the question; “If you were to advise someone about the ONE habit, tool or resource they could implement TODAY which would most significantly and positively impact the trajectory of their life, what would it be? “ I would have to say, “INCORPORATE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE. “ Just a few short years ago, I was an unfulfilled “lifer” in the corporate world and a spectator in my own life. I was … Read More

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