It’s about the WHY.

In every walk of life, every endeavor, business or personal, your perception of success, joy and happiness comes down to one thing; Am I realizing my dream or as some call it MY WHY? Were you doing something that inspired you? Did your reasoning, or WHY instill action in yourself and others?

Simon Sinek wrote a book entitled, “WHY; How great leaders Inspire EVERYONE TO TAKE ACTION”.  Simon explains that every endeavor, business or project should use the Rule of the Golden Circle;



As you can see, if you follow the rule of the golden circle, your product, idea or concept is actually the LEAST important part of your business; alternatively the REASON you exist as a company or your WHY is the MOST important pillar of  long-term success.

This concept is so timeless, that the late, great Napoleon Hill, father of the personal development movement, wrote about this concept in his iconic book first published in 1937, “Think and Grow Rich”. When he starts his book with “Burning Desire” as the Starting Point of All Achievement. That is exactly what he means; START WITH THE WHY.

Sinek sites case after case of companies with amazing new technologies or inventions which promised to disrupt the market and perhaps create a new market segment, yet they were utter disasters. WHY? It’s simple really. These companies were focused on the WHAT, rather than the WHY. Some examples are TiVo, American Auto Industry of the 21st century, Samuel  Pierpoint  Langley and his fully funded team of aviator explores trying to fly at the turn of the 19th century, DELL’s foray into PDAs and MP3 players. Although great products or ideas with incredible backing and support; arguably the best in their respective industries,  all were spectacular failures. WHY? When you analyze the inner working of each these companies, product launches or endeavors, you’ll find the same underlying philosophy amongst all. All focused on the WHAT and all had a fuzzy vision of their WHY at best.

On the flip side, why are these companies a spectacular success, regardless of the product, project or endeavor? Think APPLE, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES and HARLEY DAVIDSON. Regardless of their product or service, these companies were able to capture and maintain a cult-like following, beating their competitors again and again. WHY is that? Again, the similar thread amongst all of them is that they develop their products and services and marketing by starting with their WHY. Only then do they determine the how and the what. People buy and remain loyal because of WHY they do it, not how or what. So if they can do it, so can you. Just remember the golden circle of beginning with WHY, followed by HOW, and finally determining WHAT. With this formula, you are bound to be wildly successful.

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