Don’t Even Go there

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Darren Hardy, a Success Life Coach and Mentor, talks about warnings and examples in life. What do we pay attention too? All around us we have examples and warnings of what not to do or become and what to do and work towards becoming. Usually these lessons are learned throughout our lives by the people around us. Sometimes the same person at different times in their life can be both a warning and an example.

What helps us in our lives is looking and paying attention to these and deciding if we are going to take heed of the warning, (don’t go that way or make


a similar choice), or are we going to attempt to rise to the positive example and do what it takes to have the present and future that we desire?

When we drift in life without paying attention or getting stuck in the circle of negativity and despair, we end up not learning from people and situations around us that can help guide our lives, either in the direction we want to stay away from or in the direction we want to move towards.

Rising above and out of drifting is a choice that only we can make for ourselves. It’s simply but not easy. Let someone who is an example help you and you can have the life you desire when you take positive action steps.

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