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Darren Hardy explains how to “Bounce Back” from a setback or disappointment in this short video.

THE FALL: A setback or a disappointment

THE IMPACT: When you hit bottom after a setback, the ball is usually “bent” out of shape for a time. Expect to feel discomfort

RESTORATION: This is where you “regain your shape” after a setback. The quicker this is done, the more successful you will be.

ELEVATION: – There is where you are launched upward, often higher then before

Failing Forward by John Maxwell and the Compound Effect by Darren hardy are two of my favorite books probably because their content taught me this very lesson. Not long ago, I fell very hard after getting laid off from my corporate job of 15 years. As the sole provider with 2 kids in college, it was a very scary time for my family and I. After much soul searching and  learning how to listen to my inner voice I decided to exit the corporate lifestyle  completely and become an entrepreneur. I had always dreamed of being a business owner but was dissuaded by almost everyone I knew. But still, that inner voice kept calling me. I realized I needed to finally listen to that voice and take the plunge. So, I stopped listening to others and started listening to myself. Success was not defined by what other people thought of me, rather it was defined by me. Success is an enigma and is different for each and every one of us on the planet, it is not a destination, rather it is a mindset and a journey toward that optimal mindset. Once I realized this, I was able to RESTORE my shape. I  created new skills and gained new knowledge to prepare for this ELEVATION into the unknown of business ownership. I pushed through the fear (YES, there is always fear) and  TOOK ACTION. I am now the proud owner of not one, but two businesses.

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