What Are Goals?

Goals help us define our desires, interests, strengths and areas for growth. Setting goals, writing them down and take action steps is one of the best ways to create a life where you are thriving instead of drifting and surviving.

Goals are S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely…

Specific-A goal that is specific is much more likely to be achieved than if it is general. Example- “I want to get in shape,” is general, whereas, “I am going to go to the gym three days a week to get in shape” is specific.

Measurable-The above example is also measurable with the 3 days a week timeframe.

Attainable-Give yourself a time frame. When we set goals and begin to break them down into small achievable steps, we are building our self-esteem and confidence. Ex: “I will go to the gym for 3 x a week for 3 months and then build up to 5 days a week.” If we immediately start with a goal of 5 days a week and we haven’t gone to the gym in years, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and then it is more likely we will quit.

Realistic-A realistic goal is one in which you are both willing and able to work towards. It won’t work if it’s not something you are motivated to obtain.

Timely-You want to set a time frame for your goal. Example would be, “I will have lost 10 pounds in 6 months.” Sometimes we need to break it down to smaller goals to be successful in the beginning, such as, “I will lose 3 pounds in the first month, etc.”

When your goal meets all these markers it is a sure way to change the course of your life and go from surviving to thriving. If you are a young adult struggling to set meaningful goals for your life, check out our Flagship Apprentice Program.

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